The major area of our services is about basements. As bottom line it can surely be said that our aim is to remove every flaw from your basements. Either it is basement and foundation cracks or basement lowering, we provide best services to fix it all. Similarly from Interior or exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto to Basement Lowering and Underpinning in GTA, we provide our services in larger part of Canada. Our workers, technicians and other staff are passionate about the job and each one of us gives his best to bring best services for you. So if you are facing any difficulty in your basement all you have to do is to contact us and rest will be done by us.


Basement lowering is about digging the basement to an extent that is well above from water level of the soil. It is really important that you are aware of the soil condition where you are living. So if you want to renovate your basement and for this you are looking to hire an agency offering basement lowering in GTA, you can chose us as we know that what are the features of your soil and of which layer of soil your house has been built. Read More >>


In contrast with basement lowering, basement underpinning is a different method in which basement is modified and its structure is changed to a certain extent. Our agency is offering world’s best methods and techniques for applying basement underpinning. Whether you are located in Toronto or GTA, if you want to hire someone for basement underpinning, you must give us a call as we the best in business and are best choice for basement underpinning in Toronto. An important factor of basement underpinning knows about the land laws because in Canada there are certain rules and regulations about the basements. Read More >>


A basement has two sides an inner part and an outer side. Usually it is thought that only external part of basement needs waterproofing but in reality both interior and exterior basements need waterproofing. Our company has been serving the people of Toronto and GTA for very long and providing best facilities for interior basement waterproofing. Our staff, equipment and state of the art execution methods are undoubtedly the best amongst our competitors. Read More >>


It is really important that outlook of your basement is beautiful and at the same it is good enough to resist water seeping into foundation of your house. It is obvious that in winter when whole Toronto is covered with snow, basements of houses and buildings may absorb lot of water and it can damage your basement to a greater extent. Read More >>